Air heat exchager
Finned tube (fins tube)
Steam heating coil
Tube exchanger
Air preheater
Plate heat exchanger
Table cooler
Auxiliary equipment
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Name:MR Zhu
    Wuxi Teng Hao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful coast of Taihu, the company specializing in the production of various types of finned tube radiator. The company since its inception, always unswervingly follow the "credibility of the first, service first, technology leadership, quality assurance" of the enterprise purpose, unswervingly to the "people-oriented, technology Societe Generale, management standards" as the guiding ideology of the development of enterprises.
  Air to air heat exchanger (also known as a radiator or heat pipe), is a main equipment of heat exchanger for cooling or heating the air in the hot and cold medium, pass into the hot water, steam or high-temperature heat conduction oil can be heated air, into the salt water or low temperature water can cool the air, so it can be widely used in light industry, building, chemical industry, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, medicine, metallurgy, starch coating industries in the hot air heating, air conditioning and cooling, condensing, dehumidification and drying engineering.
The company is the production of professional radiator production units, over the years, with the strong support of scientific research units in various tertiary institutions, support and user units, has formed a certain scale of production system of radiators, radiator company can produce various specifications and types of domestic, but also continue to develop new varieties of radiator.
Website:WUXI HAOTENG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD.    Add:Xuelangzhen Binghuqu Wuxi   Tel/Fax:+86-510-85554369
Name:MR Zhu   Mob:+86-18651567610
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